Bathroom decor - 4 ideas for bathroom decor from Hygge Creations

by Aneta Wojtasik on July 07, 2021
For many, the bathroom is there sanctuary. A place to switch off completely and just relax. We have been fortunate to see so many beautiful examples of our lovely customers rooms using our creations in different ways and we wanted to share some of the ways we think really brings life and cosiness to your bathroom.
Bathroom decorations create a completely new aesthetics in a room and gives it a completely new feel. In this article, we'll show you how to spice up the look of your bathroom with Hygge Creations products. We advise you how you can easily refresh the bathroom arrangement and add character to it. Ready? Let's start an inspirational tutorial!



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Typography and quote prints can be the absolutely perfect way to create the perfect vibe in your bathroom. The quote or print you choose creates a mood from humour to tranquility. One of our best selling bathroom prints is one that brings some fun to your bathroom, our ‘Opticians Bathroom Print’ is the perfect way to bring some innocent fun to the room, placed on it’s own or alongside in a frame really creates an awesome look, we particularly like this print in an A4 white frame, mounted, our customers love it too.

Keeping on the theme of some humour, ‘Wash Your Hands You Filthy Animal’ also is a real hit! Of course, a quote from the wonderful Home Alone films and along with the events of 2020 this has become even more appropriate than ever. Again an A4 size we feel is perfect to place in the bathroom, it comes in a choice of black and white frames.

If your style is more to create a tranquil space, quote prints can achieve this with ease. We have quote prints from far and wide, some of our most popular include “You & Me We Got This” or of course, the favourite “Hakuna Matata”. Browse our whole range of these and if quotes are your thing, we are sure there will be one for you. Also, if a tranquil space is what you are creating, keep reading, there is no better way to do this than to pick that perfect quote with an art or photography print to watch! 



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Now our favourites, art prints. For us, we just love the use of simple art prints in a bathroom setting, it can bring such life to an otherwise boring space so simply. We have separated our art into two types for this article, colourful art and simple art prints as we feel they are used in such different ways to create very different spaces, now we will explain why.

Some people prefer vivid colours in a room and others prefer a much more neutral, black and white style print. For those of you people that love some colour, our range of colourful art is just perfect. A lot of our coloured art was created with the bathroom setting in mind, and a particular favourite of ours is the beautiful art you see in the illustration here, the pack of three plant set. When you are lucky enough to be able to hang some art above a bath a triple pack of prints we feel creates the ultimate look that a single or twin pack of prints cannot quite create on their own.

Another customer favourite is the “Good Vibes Boho Sea Art Prints” which are ideal for the relaxed traveller dreaming of their next trip. Whether these two recommendations are right for you or a different print from our range, check them out and we would love to hear about your favourites.



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Next up is simplistic art prints. These beautiful but simple line art drawings are perfect for a minimalist style bringing style and sophistication to your room. The two examples shown here are perfect for the idyllic bathroom. In A4 or A3 sizes in a frame with mount, these bring everything you would like to the room. ‘Bath Time Wine Time’ being a particular customer favourite is ideal for the wine lovers out there (and who doesn’t like a cheeky vino!). ‘Bath Time’, the other featured picture created by the same artist is also a particular favourite.
If these two aren’t your cup of tea, do not fear, we have a wide range of line art prints to browse through and whether you settle on something romantic, something natural or a mixture of all, there is sure to be something for your taste.
We also love to encourage people mixing styles and we love experimenting mixing simple typography quotes with line art prints, we just can’t get enough of them! A perfect example of this is our “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful” art set, mixing these together really creates a new fresh look, let us know the picture of prints you like, we love to hear your feedback.



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Lastly, photography prints. We have already covered the styles for quote lovers and art lovers but there is also some amazing styles created using our range of photography prints.
The picture used in the example here, our ‘Dolomites Landscape Photograph’ is awesome used in a bathroom. Photography creates a more of a “feature” on a wall and is much more bold than the other styles we have covered but for many this is exactly what they love and for these people, photography is the perfect print style for you.
Within our photography range as well as beautiful landscapes we have many others including a large range of botanical and nature prints. The other really popular look is one of our beach or palm tree photographs, calm sunny beach vibes is one of the most popular aspirational styles and these can be a perfect way to create this. Our personal favourite for beach lovers would either be our “Summer Hat Poster” or “Peaceful Beach Photography”.
 Hopefully one of these ideas is right for you, most importantly for us and why we love creating bathroom prints is that the bathroom is the perfect place to create your perfect style, a private space of relaxation so enjoy experimenting and please let us know your favourite styles and any inspiration you get!


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